Construction of a special mobile robot that uses a special travelling wheel

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EDP Sciences
Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 2, Liberec 1, Czech Republic
This paper deals with the engineering design of a solution of a mobile robot that uses a special travelling wheel for transmission of motive power onto a surface. It further explains the principle of a vehicle travelling wheel that - according to an actual situation of the surface - changes the way of the wheel movement on the surface. The work content in our workplace is the engineering design of the solution of a mobile robot frame which uses a special travelling wheel pursuant to our patent to transfer the driving force onto the surface. This travelling wheel is able to transform and adapt to the driving conditions. Since it is an unmanned ground robot, not so common technical solutions can be used. Because it is also meant to be used in a rough terrain, the concept of four-wheel drive has been chosen and a four-wheel chassis has been designed to make it more simple. In terms of need of excellent handling and movement fluency, all four wheels will be directionally steered (4WS) and will be placed as much in the frame corners as possible in order to have a space for 90° steer angle. © 2016 Owned by the authors, published by EDP Sciences.
Machine design, Mobile robots, Robots, Driving conditions, Driving forces, Engineering design, Four-wheel drives, Rough terrains, Surface changes, Technical solutions, Wheel chassis, Wheels