Tools to Support Effective Communication, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution in Family Businesses

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
The article deals with the topic of open communication in the family business and focuses on the possibilities of conflict prevention. The article aims to define the factors influencing communication in family businesses and to identify their possible interdependence with selected characteristics of the business. The effect of complicated communication or conflicts could be not only negative, which could even result in the closure of the business, but also positive when constructive conflict can stimulate change and innovation. It is advisable to take measures to prevent conflicts and set up processes to resolve them. It is also advisable to clearly define the company's organisational structure, establish norms for dealing with work and family situations, and introduce governance tools. All of these measures promote open and effective communication and a sense of belonging among family business members. The paper presents the results of a survey of 98 family businesses. The findings suggest that family businesses perceive that effective and open communication is essential to their functioning. In most cases, family businesses attempt to separate business-related conflicts from family conflicts, which are related to personal family relationships and ties. Efforts to separate family and work-related conflicts increase as the number of employees increases.
communication, family enterprise, conflicts, governance, family business