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    K heraldické výzdobě kaple sv. Barbory na hradě Grabštejně
    Janišová, Jana; Janiš, Dalibor
    The study is devoted to the heraldic monuments preserved in the Renaissance chapel of St. Barbara at the Grabštejn / Grafenstein Castle in northern Bohemia. The chapel, including the painting, was created during the rebuilding of the castle under Jiří Mehl of Střelice / Georg Mehl von Strelitz. Part of the coat of arms gallery is related to the royal majesty, other coats of arms are related to the owners of the castle in the second half of the 17th century.
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    Jednotky volkssturmu a konec druhé světové války v Liberci
    Poloprudská, Eliška
    The study focuses on the creation, organization and activities of the militia units of Volkssturm in Great Reichenberg / Liberec in 1944–1945. It will present their division into Liberec battalions and, thanks to historical sources, will describe the basic training of the conscripts and the circumstances that accompanied their arming and equipment. In connection with the advancing front, the activities of the militia will be emphasized not only within the city of Liberec, but als o in the area of the Ostrau / Ostrava-Troppau / Opava or Berlin operations.
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    Tvorba interaktivních map v projektu Prameny Krkonoš
    Panuš, Jan; Hoffmannová, Petra; Kocián, Jiří; Nemeškal, Jiří
    The study presents the introductory work, development and creation of interactive maps, which are one of the results of the Historical Sources of the Giant Mountains project. The goal was to present the newly collected statistical data and previously unused map materials in digital form in a shape that would be accessible to the widest possible range of users and at the same time provide sufficiently deep insight for professional researchers. The result is two freely available maps documenting the development of the Krkonoše region during the 20th century. The first focuses on changes in the structure of the population, the second on changes in the structure of the economy and transport infrastructure of the region. Both maps enable comparative visualization of various types of statistical data against each other and at the same time a diachronic comparison of the development in question in chronologically organized time layers representing the logical periodization of the history of the region. The third map provides users with information on the location and types of various kinds of sources for the study of the history of the Krkonoše Mountains.
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    Dvě desetiletí na cestě k realizaci pomníku padlých v Jilemnici
    Krčmář, Miloš
    The study contemplates the creation of war monuments commemorating the victims of the Great War in Czechoslovakia by analyzing the 20-year preparation and implementation of the monument in Jilemnice in North Bohemia. It also captures the fate of the monument during the Nazi occupation an d in the second half of the 1940s after the liberation of Czechoslovakia. Through a detailed study of archival documents, two periods of efforts to establish the monument are reconstructed. The ideological tone of the monument is also evaluated as well as t he individual contribution of the architect Blahomír Podpěra, the author of the monument.