Net promoter score integration into the enterprise performance measurement and management system – a way to performance methods development

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
In the current global environment the enterprise performance can be defined the best as the success on the market, the ability to succeed in the competition and to find the possibility for further growth in the constantly changing, unstable environment. In the view of these conditions performance has to be seen as a multicriterial quantity. The takings growth becomes its significant factor conditioned by the satisfaction of the customer who is bound to the product and the producer in the long-term. It creates the customer’s loyalty as the basis of the enterprise prosperity. In the customer-oriented market conditions marketing is becoming an important part of management in the new holistic concept. The approximation of marketing principles with the enterprise financial management brings new possibilities in enterprise performance measurement. The customer satisfaction measurement and its integration into the performance-oriented systems of business management currently gets among the main points of interest. The paper presents the research results in the area of Net Promoter Score (NPS) integration into the enterprise performance measurement and management with the target to develop performance measurement and management methods in the paradigm of the 21st century. Critical analysis and customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement and management evaluation was performed based on the immediate customer experience principles in the context of modern methods of enterprise performance measurement and management. The results of the performed empiric research proved and demonstrated the expediency of NPS use for customers‘ satisfaction measurement in the brewing industry area and on the beer market in the Czech Republic, including the confirmation of suitability and significance of NPS integration into the financial performance measurement system based on the economic value added method.
job satisfaction, pay, fringe benefits, human resources