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    Vybrané aspekty efektívnosti sovenského zdravotníctva jednodňová zdravotná starostlivosť a jej rozvoj v podmienkach Slovenskej Republiky
    (Technická Univerzita v Liberci, ) Šikula, Milan; Ekonomická fakulta
    Vybrané aspekty efektívnosti sovenského zdravotníctva jednodňová zdravotná starostlivosť a jej rozvoj v podmienkach Slovenskej Republiky
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    Faktory ovlivňující kupní chování spotřebitelů a jejich význam pro podniky
    (Technická Univerzita v Liberci, ) Novotný, Josef; Duspiva, Pavel; Ekonomická fakulta
    The article reports the results of research consumers’ behavior and preferences when buying housing supplements, household equipment and preparation of new processed models which identifies the key factors influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers. Nowadays, the purchasing behavior of consumers is a topical problem on market due to frequent changes in society which have a substantial impact on the purchasing behavior, such as economic conditions, demographic trends, the influence of minorities, globalization or climate changes in the world. Therefore, a questionnaire survey was performed through research of consumers according to segmentation criteria divided into eight segments and that was aimed on selected factors having a topical influence on consumers. Based on the results of the research was drawn a model of identical and nonidentical factors influencing purchase consumers’ behavior and the model cobwebs. Both models forms basis for management decision-making enterprise in business policy. Subsequently, research was performed in enterprises whose business activities are aimed on home furnishings and household equipment. Research observed verification of test hypotheses concerning the marketing activities of enterprises and the possibility of using models. The proposed models allow enterprises more efficient decision-making during product innovation, specialization in business policy and marketing activities. The enterprises that do not consistently pay attention to purchasing behavior of consumers with using of factors that are influencing consumers´ purchasing behavior, they may lose competitiveness, market position and customers.
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    The effects of co-brand marketing mix strategies on customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty for medium and small traders and manufacturers
    (Technická Univerzita v Liberci, ) Kim, Ki-Pyeong; Kim, Yoo-Oh; Lee, Min-Kweon; Youn, Myoung-Kil; Ekonomická fakulta
    Due to Korea’s recent economic depression, polarised consumption, and intensifying competition, its medium and small traders and manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to compete for sales in the domestic and foreign markets. The reality is that their survival is being threatened by the weakness of their brand power compared to that of large businesses and global enterprises. As the brand has become a key method for identifying products and guaranteeing quality owing to the spread of the Internet, the position of medium and small traders and manufacturers with relatively weak brand power has become tenuous. Accordingly, securing the brand marketing function is becoming a crucial factor for those medium and small traders and manufacturers who wish to leap into the middle ranks through sales increases and business stabilization achieved by market extension. Therefore, this study presents a model that clarifies the effect of the Co-Brand Marketing Mix Strategy when used by medium and small traders and manufacturers on customer satisfaction and loyalty and offers hypotheses to clarify the relationship among variables by examining previous studies on co-brand, the Marketing Mix Strategy, customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. The fact that customer satisfaction increases loyalty, thus triggering repurchase intentions and recommendation intentions, will also be verified. This paper is, therefore, clearly different from existing studies targeting large, medium, and small businesses since it focuses on medium and small traders and manufacturers. The significance of this study is in its assertion that the co-brand strategy can become a method for medium and small traders and manufacturers to secure their competitiveness.
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    The Analysis of the creative industry linked in connection with the economic development
    (Technická Univerzita v Liberci, ) Kloudová, Jitka; Chwaszcz, Ondřej; Ekonomická fakulta
    The paper analyses the development of the creative industries in the Czech Republic during the years 1990–2010. The specification of creative industries is undertaken on the basis of the concept of creative economy and is based on the basic classification of the economic activities (NACE). This classification is used by most of the European statistic offices. The study is analyses the development of creative industries in relation to the basic economic indicators (production, employment, net income and export). Each analyzed parameter proves a faster development than the overall average indicators. Production of the creative industries, which increased in the period 2005/2010 by 30% compared to 22% of the national average, is used as an example. Such results demonstrate the positive impact of creative industries to the economy. A similar effect has been demonstrated for other analyzed indicators. Employment in the creative industries has risen also very rapidly over the time. Moreover, the incomes in this industry are higher compared to the average. This leads to the stronger demand and in addition, it ensures higher payments to government budgets. Furthermore, the study analyses the impact of creative industries in every region of the Czech Republic. For this purpose, the Creative Industries Index (CII) was created. Its design is based on the share of creative industries in total production and at the same time it is based on the proportion of employees working in the creative industry in comparison to the total labor force. As a next step, the study uses correlation analysis to establish the link between CII and selected macroeconomic indicators (GDP, vacancies, and incomes). In each case, the positive and high level degree of correlation was found. As a result, this study confirms the significant contribution of creative industries that help to maintain and develop a regional competitiveness.
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    Strategy and strategic management concepts: are they recognised by management students?
    (Technická Univerzita v Liberci, ) Ferreira, João J.; Raposo, Mário L.; Mainardes, Emerson Wagner; Ekonomická fakulta
    The purpose of this paper is to assess the acquired knowledge of university management students on strategy and strategic management concepts. Phenomenography was used in the analysis and a collective description was conducted. A sample of students taking management degrees at five universities was adopted. Following data analysis, a model explaining our definition of students is presented. This definition was compared with the existing literature. Our findings do not indicate a single, predominant concept but reflect a diverse set of existing concepts. We conclude that students do present difficulties when it comes to explaining their theoretical definition in real situations applied to organizations. The results contribute towards a better understanding of the universities surveyed, but cannot be generalized. Thus, we recommend future studies replicate this research project at other Higher Education Institutions and confirm the factors making up the construction of the definition of strategy from the perspective of future managers. Given that topics relating to strategy and strategic management are highly relevant to organizations today, it is of similar great importance to identifying just what future managers perceive about these issues. Our model explains the definition of strategy in the vision of young managers about to enter the market. A balance between the current schools of thought on strategy and an approach to the reality of enterprises are presented as challenges for both teachers and researchers in this field.