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    Vratislav Karel Novák a jeho kinetické plastiky v Libereckém kraji
    Nováková, Kateřina Nora
    Sculptor and jeweler Vratislav Karel Novák created many small and monumental interior and exterior realizations of metal sculptures. He worked as a sculptor, blacksmith, restorer, designer, jeweler and since 1990 also as a teacher. During these years of his professional career, he pursued all these specializations at the same time. Movement and mechanics are important in his work, reflecting the author‘s admiration for technology. In connection with public space, he implemented twenty large projects in the Liberec Region mainly through public contracts - sculptures and signs for public buildings. His artwork is significant and unique in the context of Czech and world sculpture.
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    Počátky rozvoje letecké dopravy v Krkonoších a blízkém okolí
    Kocián, Pavel
    The study contemplates the expansion of transport aviation in the Krkonoše region and their immediate surroundings from 1913 until the end of the 1940s. The activities of DELAG, CFRNA/CIDNA, DLH and ČSA are mentioned as well. A substantial part of the text is also devoted to accidents or landings in the field that occurred in the region during air transport.