Investment opportunities for family businesses in the field of use of biogas plants

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
This article deals with the economic evaluation of biogas plants which are one of the most important renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. They provide a stable supply of electricity and heat without polluting the environment by emissions. They significantly contribute to the environmental protection. For businesses, this renewable source of energy means financially a very profitable, safe and a fast repayable investment. These investments are a big opportunity mainly for a family type of business which especially in municipalities in rural areas performs a variety of other economic and non-economic objectives including the use of biomass. Opportunities of family businesses are in agreement between the parties, involvement of family members, knowledge of technology and know-how, flexibility in labor, time and money, long-term planning, stable corporate culture, speed in decision-making, proximity to local markets, pride and credibility, efficiency, productivity, focus on quality. In recent decades, corporate social responsibility has been at the forefront of marketing tools of businesses and is often associated only with the ethical standards that, among other things, seek to minimize negative impacts on the environment This article focuses on their basic characteristics, maps specific ways which the company can use for their financing and analyzes the profitability (yield) and return on these investment projects.This development can focus more on strengthening family businesses in municipalities of a rural type where many owners of forests or larger plots can take advantage of investment opportunities and stabilize the economy of their businesses. However, even more side effects such as new jobs and partial subcontracts from other family businesses or other companies can be noted.
family business, renewable source of energy, biogas plant, biogas, investment, subsidies, bank credit, investment yield, investment returns