dc.contributor.authorIslam, Md. Khayrul
dc.contributor.authorMamun Kabir, Shekh Md.
dc.contributor.authorHosen, Md. Dulal
dc.contributor.authorIslam, Md. Azharul
dc.contributor.organizationTechnická univerzita v Liberci
dc.description.abstractThe resistance of the material to a change of its color characteristics during exposure to sunlight, rubbing and washing as domestic and laundry and other various ways are referred to as color fastness of dyes or pigments. In this research, 100% cotton and blended fabrics were dyed with fluorescent pigments i.e. Shining Flu Pink-F17 and Papillion Orange-FGRN in exhaust dyeing method. The improvement of color fastness properties, i.e. color fastness to washing, rubbing, perspiration and light were observed with the treatment of using antioxidants and UV-absorbers. There were eight samples of dyed fabrics (Four samples of 100% cotton knit fabric and four samples of 60/40 cottonpolyester blended fabrics) treated with 1% (v/v) of antioxidants i.e. Gallic acid, L-Ascorbic acid and UV absorbers i.e. 2-hydroxy-4 methoxy-benzophenone, 4-4 dimethoxy-benzophenone respectively. The treatment of antioxidant L-Ascorbic acid and UV absorber 4-4 dimethoxy-benzophenone provides satisfactory improvement of fastness properties than other antioxidants and UV absorbers. The results were mainly interpreted in terms of color strength, visual assessment of evenness and fastness ratings.cs
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dc.publisherTechnical University of Liberec
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dc.relation.ispartofFibres and Textiles
dc.subjectcotton fabriccs
dc.subjectfluorescent pigmentscs
dc.subjectcolor fastnesscs
dc.subjectcolor strengthcs
dc.subjectdyeing blended knit fabriccs
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