Market analysis for language services in the Czech Republic

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
The paper analyses specific parts of the questionnaire survey implemented under a project entitled "Market research for language services". The aim of the research was to obtain background data to implement the required market analyses for language services and formulate recommendations as to the applicant's future business strategy. The purpose of the submitted article is to analyse the attributes relevant to the selection of a company active in the field of language service provision. To this end, literary reviews and primary data collection were undertaken. The data collection was competed by means of a questionnaire survey with companies established in the Czech Republic. The selection method used for the respondents was "random quota selection". A combination of electronic and on-the-phone interviewing was used for the primary data collection. In formulating specific questions closed multiple choice questions were used with the respondents having to choose from a group of clearly defined answers. Relative scales were used for a certain proportion of the questions where the respondents expressed the degree of importance. The collected data were treated by a description process, at which the values of the underlying statistic quantities and frequency of certain replies were processed. It may be stated based on the investigation completed that the key factors regarded as the most important by companies in selecting a language service supplier are quality, price, compliance with deadlines and specialised terminology.
language services, research, analysis, significance factors, price, quality