The functionality comparison of the health care systems by the analytical hierarchy process method

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dc.contributor.authorGavurová, Beáta
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dc.description.abstractDay surgery is one of the areas that are still not implemented in Slovakia in the intentions of finding significant economic savings in the health care system. The primary objective to use day surgery was to separate the patients with lighter chirurgical procedure, to less traumatize the patients with hospitalization, to protect the patient from nosocomial infections and to make recovery easier in greater comfort of the own home. The primary impulse for dealing with the effectiveness of health care systems, with an emphasis on day surgery, were conflicting responses regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of deployment and use of day surgery performance. On the one hand, we find the direct and indirect evidence of functional application of day surgery performance in health facilities in Slovakia and its potential benefits in achieving the aims of health policy of the SR. On the other hand there are critical responses on lack of the effects of the day surgery use, which are associated with low valuation of stated procedures which are inadequate to the real costs. It hinders its development in comparison with the development abroad. The main aim of this article is to compare the functionality of day surgery care in comparison with the system orientated on traditional hospitalization, using the opinion of the experts who represent the system of health care in Slovakia. For orientation in criteria characterizing the functionality of health care systems in Slovakia, we started from the premise that the functionality of health care system is a basis of its effectiveness. Given the considerable heterogeneity of compared criteria of health care systems we have chosen the method of Analytical Hierarchy Process as the optimal method, supported by the expert group method.en
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dc.publisherTechnická Univerzita v Libercics
dc.publisherTechnical university of Liberec, Czech Republicen
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dc.titleThe functionality comparison of the health care systems by the analytical hierarchy process methoden
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