The knowledge and use of the Balanced Scorecard method in businesses in the Slovak republic

dc.contributor.authorLesáková, Ľubica
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dc.description.abstractThe Balanced Scorecard method (BSC) has emerged since the late 1990s (as proposed by Kaplan and Norton) as one of the most successful concepts in the field of strategic performance management. It has evolved from its early use as a simple performance measurement framework to a full strategic planning and management system. Balanced Scorecard is used by many successful businesses all around the world. Main aim of the paper is to present the results of primary research focused on detecting the current state of the knowledge and use of the Balanced Scorecard method in businesses in the Slovak Republic. In the first part of the paper is presented the essence of the BSC method, formulated are the main benefits connected with the Balanced Scorecard implementation into the strategic management of the businesses. These benefits are defined according to the content analysis of domestic and foreign literature. Following the goal of the article next part presents the results of the empirical research based on the questionnaire survey. Results are connected with the evaluation of the six hypothesis defined in regard of the established goal of the paper. Formulated will be presumptions to improve the state of utilizing the BSC method by Slovak businesses. For the fulfilment of settled objectives we have used several scientific methods of examination, namely the method of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, abstraction, generalisation as well as statistical methods.en
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dc.subjectknowledge and use of the Balanced Scorecard methoden
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dc.titleThe knowledge and use of the Balanced Scorecard method in businesses in the Slovak republicen
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