2017/3 - Social Sciences

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ACC Journal, ročník XXIII 2017/3

Prof. Dr. phil. PhDr. Annette Muschner - Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
Mgr. Ludmila Koláčková, Ph.D. – University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic


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    Zu Problemen beim bilateralen Konsekutivdolmetschen im Sprachenpaar Polnisch-Deutsch am Beispiel von Germanistikstudierenden der Universität Opole
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Jokiel, Małgorzata
    The starting point for this article is the discussion focusing on interpreting competence and the compilation of selected existing parameters for interpreting evaluation. It is followed by the presentation of the curriculum of the translation specialization forming part of the undergraduate (first-cycle) German studies at the Opole University, which is then used to outline the profile of competence of graduates and the organizational framework of education in respect of consecutive interpreting as part of the so-called international German studies. From this viewpoint, based on her own teaching experience, the article’s author attempts to create the typology of the most common problems encountered during bilateral German/Polish consecutive interpreting in order to draw conclusions that would enable to optimize the education process of consecutive interpreters.
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    Konjunkturschwankungen im Spiegel der Verben
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Höppnerová, Věra
    Verbs expressing change of size, reflecting the constant change in business processes, are an important part of the German business language. In the article, semantic features controlling the collocability of some problematic verbs are defined. The comparison of German metaphorical verbs expressing change of size and their Czech equivalents shows that only half of Czech verbs are metaphoric. Among the most common German verbs, however, verbs that are stylistically neutral predominate. Those are particularly relevant to the pedagogical process.
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    Střet civilizací: Test Popperem
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Jurásek, Miroslav
    Samuel P. Huntington’s famous book, “The Clash of Civilizations”, has evoked controversy since it was first published. Many authors have referred to this work in a different way: some have taken it as a paradigm, some regarded it as a theory, others (including Huntington himself) as a hypothetical scenario of a possible future. If scientific theory is a mark of objective knowledge, the question of whether scientific theory, a metaphysical narrative without conclusive evidence in practice, or a mere cluster of impressions, opinions, and perceptions of the author, is a cardinal meaning for determining how to handle a particular product of scientific thought . The aim of this article is to justify the fact that the objectivity of the idea of the clash of civilizations cannot be overestimated, because Popper’s methodology of science is a well-written metaphysical narrative that nevertheless generates new provocative and bold hypotheses with the potential to become a scientific theory.
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    Podniková sociální síť jako sociální pilíř v podniku
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Školudová, Jana
    In the social field, responsible corporate behavior also focuses on the approach to employees. The psychological and social approach of human resource management is historically based on human relations school defining requirements for the personality of managers, ways of communicating, managing employee relationships across the organizational structure, and ways to secure a social work environment to achieve corporate goals. The paper focuses on modern information technology, called the enterprise social network, and its ability to use executives to provide a social pillar in an enterprise. The aim of the paper is to find out how many enterprises in the Czech Republic use the enterprise social network and to respond to the established research hypothesis regarding the impact of the enterprise social network on the social aspect of the working environment. The methodology of the contribution is based on the questionnaire survey; the basic set included companies using enterprise social network in the Czech Republic. The overall comparison of the acquired data presents current trends and recommends using modern information technologies.
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    Der kulturelle Hintergrund der Fachübersetzung
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Tellinger, Dušan
    The influence of national cultures is of great importance in all kinds of scientific translation. It seems that not only literary translations, but also scientific translations, are interlingual and intercultural processes. Both literary and non-literary texts may include so-called realia. Translators and interpreters as ideal cultural brokers may gain experience with a flexible bridging role which incorporates language and cultural mediation of scientific discourse. It should be perceived as a unique opportunity for the development of cultural and language competence in lifelong praxis. Only full language and cultural awareness can guarantee that all modifications of a source text to the target culture are included in a broad spectrum, be it scientific articles, commercials or mass media texts.