2017/3 - Social Sciences

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ACC Journal, ročník XXIII 2017/3

Prof. Dr. phil. PhDr. Annette Muschner - Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
Mgr. Ludmila Koláčková, Ph.D. – University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic


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    Graf Albert Joseph Hoditz (1706-1778) als deutschsprachiger Autor
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Zlá, Iveta
    The aim of the article is to introduce Count Albert Joseph Hodic as an author writing in German. Although his literary work has been preserved only in a torso form, it offers insight into the work of this author at the turn of baroque and enlightenment. The preserved Hodic’s poems are intertwined by the influences of both artistic epochs and reflect Hodic’s views of life. Hodic’s literary work can be seen as part of his cultural activities aimed at creating a castle garden full of works of art and at the same time the atmosphere that attracted many distinguished guests to Silesian Rudoltice in the second half of the 18th century. Last but not least, the artistic climate was completed with theatrical, ballet and opera performances partly written by Hodic himself.
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    Střet civilizací: Test Popperem
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Jurásek, Miroslav
    Samuel P. Huntington’s famous book, “The Clash of Civilizations”, has evoked controversy since it was first published. Many authors have referred to this work in a different way: some have taken it as a paradigm, some regarded it as a theory, others (including Huntington himself) as a hypothetical scenario of a possible future. If scientific theory is a mark of objective knowledge, the question of whether scientific theory, a metaphysical narrative without conclusive evidence in practice, or a mere cluster of impressions, opinions, and perceptions of the author, is a cardinal meaning for determining how to handle a particular product of scientific thought . The aim of this article is to justify the fact that the objectivity of the idea of the clash of civilizations cannot be overestimated, because Popper’s methodology of science is a well-written metaphysical narrative that nevertheless generates new provocative and bold hypotheses with the potential to become a scientific theory.
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    Asistent pedagoga v inkluzivním vzdělávání
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Palounková, Zuzana; Joklíková, Hana; Kaiserová, Anna; Košťáková, Markéta; Lindová, Kateřina; Točíková, Jana
    The paper is focused on the role of a teacher assistant in inclusive education in the Czech Republic. In the introduction, the authors present basic theoretical information that relates to the solved topic. After the theoretical introduction, some results of research carried out at regular and alternative schools in the Czech Republic (as part of the SGS-FP-TUL 14/2017 project titled “Teacher Assistant for Inclusive Education”) are presented. The results point to interesting facts that are related to teacher assistants’ work and the conception of their role in education of pupils with special educational needs.
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    Těšín optikou geografického výzkumu rozdělených měst
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Boháč, Artur
    The submitted study presents the phenomenon of divided cities which is closely connected with the Central European space and its historical and political issues, related to the specific environment of the town of Těšín (Český Těšín/Cieszyn). In the first chapter, the author focuses on the theoretical framework of the phenomenon of divided cities. Although it is an examined issue, there are many terminological ambiguities. In its other parts the article outlines geography and the complex history of the two times divided city and attempts to connect them with specific typology of divided cities. Apart from that, the author, due to his professional orientation, focuses mainly on the international, political, geopolitical and ethnic connections of Těšín and Těšínsko region. Attention is also paid to the functioning of Těšín within the European Union, which has long been trying to suppress the influence of national borders and feelings of historical injustice among European nations.
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    Wortspiele und idiomatische Wortverbindungen als harte Nuss für Übersetzer
    (Technická univerzita v Liberci, Česká republika, 2017) Rykalová, Gabriela
    Wordplays, idiomatic expressions, and phraseologisms in general often pose a challenge for every translator. It is mostly in jokes, advertisements, and fictional literary texts written in a playful style that they encounter a number of pragmatic, culturally specific, and other problems that present a difficult task. This paper draws attention to some interesting questions and obstacles that the translator must deal with when translating idiomatic expressions.