Practical Application of Forms and Tools of Marketing Communication in the SME Sector

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
This paper aims to investigate the application of different types of communication forms and tools (personal, audio/video, online, offl ine) in the context of client capital management and development of the client lifetime value in the sector of small and medium enterprises. Research survey made using computer-assisted telephone interviewing, over 383 small and medium enterprises from the Opole Voivodeship region, with correlation coeffi cients for the selected variables (company size, market segment, markets serviced). The research contributes to enrichment of literature by documenting activity of small and medium enterprises in the area of marketing communication. This research illustrates the use of diverse forms and tools by diverse members of the SME sector. More importantly, this research prepares conclusions for future development of communication as a main stimulator of increasing client lifetime value. The fi ndings show that the small and medium enterprises are aware of the need to use a variety of tools to communicate with clients. The tools are diverse and have a different degree of contact intensity, which effectively contributes to the involvement of clients in the relationship with the company’s offer. These contribute to the perceived value of client capital in the future. The fi ndings suggest that in the future SME sector will develop and diversify channels of communication with clients capital, regardless of whether it concerns B2B or B2C clients. For the enterprise, the most important thing will be constant development of the client’s lifetime value. The popularization of knowledge about currently used communication forms and tools will contribute to the implementation of benchmark-based solutions by other market participants. In the future, it may have a benefi cial effect on the client capital management process.
marketing communication, consumer behavior, client capital management, client value, SME