Discovering the mindsets of the luxury recycling phenomenon

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
This study focuses on two main luxury items recycling issues. First, understanding customers’ attitudes toward recycling luxury items via e-business and second, discovering e-platforms configurations used. This study considers as input parameters consumers’ age and gender. Thus, an online survey implementing a mind genomics experiment was delivered to 4,320 international consumers regardless of whether they have experienced or not recycling luxury items via e-commerce channels. Only 3,624 consumers participated in the study, indicating one of four reasons they recycle luxury items via e-commerce channels. These reasons are: to renew their wardrobe often, follow fashion without paying an exorbitant price, profit from selling clothes & accessories they do not use anymore, and be part of the luxury recycling business without significant investments. In addition, this study established as the main pillars of luxury recycling items via e-commerce channels the following aspects: the use of e-commerce to recycle luxury clothes & accessories; the configuration used in luxury recycling e-commerce sites; the sector benefiting the most from the luxury recycling business; the luxury recycling business approach more beneficial. The selection of the study pillars and the reasons for recycling help to achieve the main goal of the study, being understanding what fascinates consumers about luxury recycling. It unveils that configurations such as outlets and individual sales are preferred in the luxury items recycling business. Further, recommendations are provided to consolidate ethical luxury items recycling business, such as the development of more user-friendly technological e-commerce platforms, and decreasing intermediation charges.
Customer attitude, luxury items recycling, mind genomics, e-commerce business platforms, seller/buyer configurations