Media and regional capitals in the Czech Republic: a quantitative perspective

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
Marketing environment of any entity is created by demographic, economic, legislative, social, natural and technological domains. All of them represent mutually interconnected systems. Albeit territorial marketing suffers from numerous methodological misunderstandings so far, marketing milieu of individual towns and regions is affected by the very same systems as mentioned above. Media can be treated as one of the most important determinants shaping the marketing environment of territorial units. The situation is even more intriguing in transition/post-transition countries, among which Czech Republic can be ranked. There are only little doubts that topics appearing in media co-determine the formation of mental maps and subsequently also socioeconomic developments in individual territories. Nonetheless, taking into account the scope of this article, our attention will be focused on contributions in national TV coverage, which are related to individual regional metropolises in the Czech Republic. The amount of regional capitals at NUTS III level in the country is 13. Quantitative analysis will be devoted to the quantity of afore contributions as towns that disappear from media space become less conspicuous also in real life. These contributions will be evaluated also in a wider context, i.e. the distance of individual towns from the media headquarters located in the capital city and the population of individual regional capitals will be considered too. In order to quantify and evaluate mentioned dependencies it will be used the methods of regression and correlation analysis.
Czech Republic, media, regional development, regression analysis