Frühneuzeitliche Bildungsmigration von Kindern und Jugendlichen aus Böhmen und Mähren im 16. und frühen 17. Jahrhundert

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Národní pedagogické muzeum a knihovna J. A. Komenského
Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta přírodovědně-humanitní a pedagogická
Journeys Undertaken by Children and Adolescents from Bohemia and Moravia to Attain Education in the 16th and Early 17th Century The presented synoptic study focuses on the question of the educational migration of children and adolescents in the early modern Czech state. Based on analysis of a variety of sources together with the results of previous research, the study looks at the gender, age, nationality, and social composition of these individuals as well as a number of other aspects of this topic, such as what institutions and regions children and adolescents set out for in order to seek education, what type of education they might have received, how such journeys were organized and paid for and how these nonadults viewed them, etc. Set within the broader context of the cultural, religious, and educational history of the early modern period, the study examines not only peregrination to attain university education but also the journeys undertaken in search of preuniversity education. Furthermore, the paper attempts to trace key developmental trends and, in closing, suggests areas for continued research on this topic.
migration, Czech lands, education, early modern period