Multilateral development banks – Strategic actors in the new economy?

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
The paper addresses the role of multilateral development banks in the new economic paradigm, built in the context of multiple crises with global impact. Multilateral development banks, in their capacity as promoters of governments’ policies are “invited/expected” to play a key role in the new geopolitical architecture, holding a competitive advantage in the provision of finance, which is linked to the design and implementation of structural reforms and programs of strengthening institutions controlled by governments. The paper aims to represent a signal regarding the strategic component and the synergies that multilateral development banks can determine. It highlights the tools that multilateral development banks have for selecting, monitoring and supporting programs and projects with regional and global impact. The paper describes the state of knowledge and reviews the specialised literature in the field of multilateral development banks, describes intervention channels and financing products of multilateral development banks, and discusses their impact on a European and regional level. The concluding remarks address the strategic role of multilateral development banks, their contribution to sustainable development goals and outline directions for future research.
Globalisation, regionalisation, multilateral development banks, green/sustainable/ ESG financing, European Union