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    Fontes Nissae - Prameny Nisy. Historie, památky, umění XXIII, 2022, č. 1
    (2022) kolektiv autorů
    kompletní číslo periodika
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    Křehkost vetknutá do elegance
    Nováková, Kateřina Nora
    Art glassmaker and jeweler Svatopluk Kasalý, with his long and completely original work, belongs to the cl assics of the Czech and world scene in this field. His unique jewelry is repre sented in all major Czech and world collections of renowned institutions. The main inspiration for him has always been the female body and nature. It connects the per fect lines of galvanized metal and uniquely cut glass. These luxury pieces, designed especially for special occasions, will impress everyone with their perfection, tightness of shapes, thoughtful color and fragility. He often presented them on female models in collaboration wit h professional Czech photographers.
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    Politické procesy 50. let – kauza bratři Červenkové a spol.
    Skrbková, Linda
    The study deals with one of the regional political processes settled by the Regional Court in Liberec in the secon d half of the 1950s. It was a case with a four-member group, which consisted of brothers Jaroslav and Přemysl Červenka, Jiří Drápalík and Vojtěch Hrdlička. The study looks in detail at the lives of the main protagonists before criminal proceedings begin. It also examines the trial itself and its ou tcome. Last but not least, the text deals with the execution of sentences of indivi dual convicts and their rehabilitation in the 1990s.
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    Příčiny vzpoury vězňů v Nápravně výchovném ústavu ministerstva vnitra Minkovice v roce 1968
    Hartman, Ivo
    The groundbreaking year of 1968 is not significant only from a socio-political point of view. The changes were also reflected in the taboo environment behind bars. All political events in society are the catalyst f or the atmosphere of that time in correctional institutions. An important role was also played by the media, which critically evaluated situation in prisons during the 1950s. The election of the new president, from which some convicts derived chances for extensive amnesty, had a great influence on the behavior of the prisoners. The tension culminated in multiple breaches of discipline, escape attempts, and ultimately riot. The biggest manifestations of dissatisfaction include the riot in the Department of Correctional Education of the Ministry of the Interior (NVÚ-MV) in Minkovice. A large number of convicts joined the „rebellion“. The media provided ongoing information on what was happening at Minkovice Prison, and articles were published in regional newspapers. A discussion show was on air and the riot was also discussed in the National Assembly. The main part of the study is a description of this event based on a thorough study of preserved archival materials.
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    Liberecký zajatecký tábor v první světové válce
    Pokorný, Pavel
    The focus of this study is the prisoner of war camp in Liberec, which was located in Liberec-Ostašov and Růžodol in 1914–1918. It was one of the first prisoner of war camps of the Great War in Austria-Hungary. At a certain time, it was by far the largest prisoner of war camp in the entire monarchy, and due to its size, it also made a major impact on the life of the city. Extensive anthropological research, which took place here during the war, then gave it supra-regional significance. In this text, I analyze its history since its foundation, through its operation and its impact on the pop ulation till its termination.