Vliv difúze na PECVD funkčních vrstev

Title Alternative:Influence of Diffusion on PECVD of Functional Layers
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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
This thesis deals with thin layers deposition on porous substrates by the PECVD method. Active particles diffusion is one of the most significant factors influencing the homogeneity of thin layers created on spatially complicated substrates during plasmatic process. One of the main purposes of this thesis was the research of the particles' penetration into the spaces shielded from the direct exposure to the plasma. The measurement methodology was designed and a model substrate was built to allow the measurements of fluidity of thin films within different shade areas. Another purpose of the test was study of the influence of the precursor molecules' size on the diffusion during the process of thin film deposition. Therefore two precursors with significantly different molecular weights acetylene and TTIP were used for the layer formation. The demonstrated effect was supported by the results of a mathematical model, based on the parameters of the process. Its very good conformity with the measured results indicates the possibility of prediction of behavior during PECVD process. Good compatibility with computer simulation has been demonstrated in the case of formation of a layer on the textile fabric of cotton, basalt and glass fibers. The layers formed on technical fabrics from basalt and glass fibers proved the photocatalytic activity. This confirmed the prospects of textile substrates for coating by TiO2 layeres due to the large surface area of textile materials.