Evolving innovation perspectives on higher education and its role to competitiveness

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Technická Univerzita v Liberci
Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic
Higher institutions play a significant role in the economic development in today´s turbulent environment and in competitive position of regional and global businesses. These institutions have now more than ever the power to stimulate business competitiveness thanks to their ability to foster innovation, attract new businesses, and provide continuous flow of information, knowledge and , last but not least, to improve the workforce. Therefore, these institutions should be seen in the last few years as the agents of a valuable source of innovation and skilled people who can contribute to higher level of local and global competitiveness. It is expected from them to use an innovative approach in their teaching methods and curriculum to ensure more flexibility and creativity for the needs of the business world. However, most of them recognize their unique and essential opportunity to change only very slowly and without any formulation of clear marks to this issue. This article deals with the issues related to the current situation and the role of higher institutions (especially universities), and points out their emerging innovative approach in order to contribute as a significant element to business competitiveness. To better understand the current position it is necessary to prepare an appropriate platform for discussion and research of existing organisational structure, practice barriers of change and suggest their core implementation. The current situation is evaluated according to the results of the empirical researches made by the authors. A special emphasis is placed on the innovative approach in the teaching methods based on the needs of business practice. The goal is not to only present the results, which show undoubtedly a very strong need for change, but also to suggest a possible solution for the improvement of the current situation.
innovation, competitiveness, teaching methods, university, business