Pozitiva a negativa začlenění České republiky do procesu evropské měnové integrace

Title Alternative:Positive and negative aspects of the integration of Czech Republic to the process of european monetary integration
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This thesis is focused on potential influence of european monetary union on the Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to clarify the positive and negative aspects resulting from the integration of the Czech Republic to the process of european monetary integration with focus on entreprenurial sector. There is described the beginning and gradual evolution of european economic integration with the main focus on the monetary union. The preambule describes the chronological development of european economic integration with the intention of monetary union and of particular steps, which have led to the foundation of economic and monetary union. Afterwards is mentioned further development of economic and monetary union and convergent criteria, which each country is obliged to fulfill, if it wants to become the part of the euro area. Following parts are describing this established and steadily developing euro area with its institutions, the payment system of EU and practical awareness about EU in selected member countries are also mentioned. This part also summs up the advantages and disadvantages, which european monetary union brings to the states, citizens and entreprenurial subjects. The whole next chapter is devoted to the influence of euro on the entreprenurial sector, where following questions are answered: How are the companies and enterpreneurs prepared for the euro currency? What possible plus and cons do they see in this currency? How is their opinion about euro as a domestic currency? The analysis of fulfilment of convergention criteria by the Czech Republic and description of economic situation in the Czech Republic in the years 2009 and 2010 follows. The conclusion summarizes gathered findings and evaluates the general readiness of the Czech Republic for entrance to the euro area. The thesis also gives as the result concrete recommendations about acceptance of the euro currency by the Czech Republic.
Diplomová práce je věnována potencionálnímu působení evropské měnové unie na ČR. Cílem práce je objasnit pozitiva a negativa plynoucí ze začlenění ČR do procesu evropské měnové integrace se zaměřením na podnikatelský sektor.
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economic and monetary union, single currency, euro, european economic integration, euro area, european union, hospodářská a měnová unie, jednotná měna, euro, evropská ekonomická integrace, eurozóna, evropská unie