Electrical conductivity and physiological comfort of silver coated cotton fabrics

The objective of present study was to develop multifunctional and wearable electrically conductive fabrics with acceptable comfort properties by in-situ deposition of silver particles. The effect of silver nitrate concentration and number of dips was investigated for change in electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, and antimicrobial properties of coated fabrics. The dynamic light scattering and SEM analysis were employed to study the morphology of deposited silver particles. The EMI shielding was found to increase with increase in concentration of silver particles. Later, the comfort and mechanical properties were studied. No significant decrease in air permeability and water vapor permeability was observed due to partial coverage of fabric pores by coating of silver particles. Moreover, the coated fabrics also showed promising behavior toward antimicrobial properties. When the durability of coated fabrics was examined against washing, the application of binder provided good retention of silver particles without loss of electrical conductivity of coated fabrics.
Silver nanoparticles, electrical conductivity, physiological comfort, EMI shielding, antimicrobial properties