Design of an ontology for humin substances

Knowledge can be used for description, sorting and searching of useful data. Knowledge, on the other hand, may be very narrowly connected with a person, who may leave a company. Such situation can be avoided by using of ontology as a tool of knowledge engineering or in general as a tool for knowledge representation. The paper presents on ontology design to peculiarities of humin substances based on analysis of existing similar type ontologies. It enables to preserve, make accessible and reuse gained experiences, for instance for design of functionally rich, flexible and easy integrable systems and applications. In introduction this work presents an overview of selected formalisms for interception of data structure and processes in humin substances area with respect to using ontologies and their possibilities. The paper is especially a case study of ontology application for evidence and data organization of humin substances, their measurement and experimentations, where use of ontologies is not yet common. It shows a potential of ontologies and illustrates parameters of generally applicable model for such area. © 2012 ACM.
humin substances, ontology