Research of the temperature influence on the change of titanium alloy mechanical properties by means of the optical contact-less analysis

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Today, more and more accent is in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries put on the use of materials with the specific utilize properties such as high strength and at the same time sufficient ductility to enable the production of given part. In addition to these key forming features, low weight and, last but not least, good corrosion resistance are also important. In view of the above requirements, titanium alloys appear to be a progressive construction material for the most demanding applications in a wide range of engineering production. This paper deals with the change of mechanical properties of titanium alloy with the trade name Grade 5 (Ti-CP 6Al-4V). The change of mechanical properties is evaluated by means of a static tensile test carried out in an insulated temperature chamber with resistance heating. The tests are carried out in the selected temperature interval, which should sufficiently represent changes in mechanical properties depending on temperature. Scanning and evaluation of the test deformation characteristics is performed by using an advanced contact-less optical deformation analysis method, which operates on the principles of the photogrammetry. Lab NET software and Mercury software are used for this purpose. The results of the measurements are dependencies of the titanium alloy mechanical properties on temperature within the selected temperature interval. Furthermore, the resulting temperature dependence of mechanical properties can be used as input material characteristics into the numerical simulation environment of the material forming process.
Mechanical properties, Metal forming, Numerical simulations, Photogrammetry, Temperature, Titanium alloy grade 5