Effect of silanization on copper coated milife fabric with improved EMI shielding effectiveness

Electromagnetic interference takes place due to the increase in complexity of electronic devices/systems in the form of higher packing density for quick response. To overcome its adverse effects, the effective shielding of components is needed abundantly. This leads to an increase of undesirable influence of electromagnetic signals and troublesome charges against which protection of human beings is required. Textile based structure with electromagnetic shielding ability has promising replacement of conventional materials due to its flexibility, air permeability and comfort properties. In this work, a copper coated fabric was silanized with different types of silane to stabilize the copper deposition on the fabric. Three different silanes were used for the silanization treatment to stabilize the copper deposition. The results showed excellent electromagnetic shielding properties. In addition to that, electrical and physical properties of the fabrics were evaluated before and after silanization treatment.
Durable copper coating, EMI, Non-woven, Silanization, Thermal properties