Metal Coating on Ultrafine Polyester Non-woven Fabrics and Their Ageing Properties

The presented research work proposed a simple technique to metalize the milife fabric (very fine thickness) with silver coating. The polyester fabrics were firstly sensitized with copper, and then silver plating was performed on the surface. The presence of silver over the fabric was observed by scanning electron microscope and respective EDX spectra. The change in the electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding and joule heating properties were examined for different electroplating time. The electrically conductive fabrics showed low electrical resistance with high EMI shielding over frequency range of 30 MHz to 1.5 GHz. To have an idea about the durability of electrical conductivity under stretch load, the 75 cycles of stretch and release were carried out. Furthermore, the heating performance of silver plated fabric was studied through measuring the change in temperature at the surface of the fabric while applying a voltage difference across the fabric. Lastly, the effect of ageing parameters like washing, oxidation and sulfidation were examined on the functional and comfort properties (i.e. thermal conductivity and stiffness) of conductive fabric.
Durability, Electrical conductivity, Ageing properties, Silver electroplating