Application possibilities of the low-temperature repairs on creep-resistance turbine components from material GX23CrMoV12-1

Papers deals with the problems of repairs at new and also already loaded components of steam and gas turbines. Generally, it is about welding repairs at valve and turbine chambers, transmitters, vane carriers, tripping valve body and so on. There are both technological defects caused by casting (e.g. shrinkage cavities, misruns, porosity and cracks) and defects caused by operation (thermal-stress fatigue, incorrect method of operation, etc.). Many of the mentioned defects take effect not until the final technological method - mostly at machining. However, in this production phase it is not possible to get form the supplier new production elements due to economical and also delivery time reasons. All of that results in delay of production and penalty. As the major aim of this paper, there was to find such repairs techniques which can ensure serviceability of mentioned devices under the standard regime. In these cases is needed to use much lower tempering temperature than under the standard production, mainly because of necessity to eliminate deformation caused by heating of part that is not possible to be subsequently removed by machining.
Strengthening, Repairing, GX23CrMoV12-1, Heat Treatment, Welding