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    Hybrid organosilane materials and its application in material engineering
    (2021) Máková, Veronika
    Nanomaterials together with nanotechnologies bring everyday challenges to modern material science and allow scientists worldwide to develop completely new types of unique materials having extraordinary properties. Although interest in hybrid organic-inorganic organosilane fibrous nanomaterials is rising, there is no complete review and/or literature covering and completing the knowledge regarding this highly promissive research area. Todate, only a few solitary research papers have been published regarding this topic. Herein, organo-mono-silylated and organo-bis-silylated precursors were studied in detail. In addition, the proposed synthetic strategies together with their outcomes were successfully applied for the formation of organosilane fibers made of the above-mentioned hybrid precursors. The techniques of self-assembly, drawing, and in particular electrospinning, are widely discussed in the theoretical part of this thesis. The electrospinning technique was then directly used for the formation of organosilane fibers. The results related to this topic are present in the second part of this thesis. Moreover, they are supported by recently published articles, which are added to and described in the supplementary part of this habilitation thesis. The presented findings are closely connected to the application potential and show the unique and promising prospects of these hybrid organosilane fibers in various fields of modern material science covering a wide range of industries, including the textile industry, and particularly everyday life.