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    (2022) Horáková, Jana
    This habilitation thesis takes the form of comments on the published articles listed at the end of the manuscript. The thesis provides a detailed explanation of my contribution to the published results, since all the articles were written by several coauthors. I selected 9 articles concerning which I am listed as the first or the second author. The articles are dedicated primarily to the electrospinning of biodegradable polymers for the development of vascular grafts, wound dressings and other tissue engineering scaffolds. Thus, the text provides an explanation of specific parts of the research to which I contributed to the field of textile technology and materials engineering. The main part of the thesis is divided into 4 subchapters, the first of which is dedicated to the technology of the fabrication of tubular samples, and provides descriptions of 3 types of electrospinning devices. The second subchapter focuses on the polymers that were used in the attached articles. The third part of the main text is dedicated to methods for the characterization of nanofibrous materials, namely the evaluation of the fibrous morphology and the in vitro assessment of the resulting materials. The final subchapter concerns the modification of electrospun materials. In addition to the summary of the published results of materials modified via the above approaches, the text presents selected data on the investigation of the heparinization of vascular grafts.