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    The influence of crystalline water on signals of nqr and NMR in Na2PtCl6.6H2O
    (1982) Haleš, J.; Rákoš, Matej; Lasanda, J.; Jankuba, J.; Belica, C.; Fischer, Volker
    The method for preparation of samples of paramagnetic hydrates Na2PtCl6.nH2O (O ≤ n ≤ 6 ) is described in detail with analysis of NQR and NMR spectra versus number of molecules of crystalline water, Samples were dehydrated and controlled by means of derivatograph, with simultaneous measurements of NQR and NMR signals. The investigation was concerned with parameters of intensity and line width. As we found out, line width of NMR signals was constant and that indicates that packing and structure of crystalline water doesn't change with amount of crystalline water. On the contrary, from increase of line width of NQR spectra with decrease of n for crystalline water we concluded of successive degradation of occahedric structure of Na2PtCl6.nH2O, with total collapse for n = O. © 1982.
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    Spectral Properties Of Oxide Crystals Free Of Iron Ions
    (Akademie Verlag Gmbh, 1982) Kvapil, Jiří; Perner, B; Kvapil, Josef; Mánek, B.; Kubelka, J.; Blažek, K.; Austrata, R.; Schauer, Petr; Vitamvás, Z.