Hololens used for precise position tracking of the third party devices - Autonomous vehicles

A completely new area of HoloLens usage is proposed. The Hololens is an augmented reality device, which provides the high precision location information. Such an information is normally used to accurately position holograms within the real space with respect to the viewer (user of HoloLens). The information is precise enough to use it for reporting the position for the purpose of autonomous driving. Several experiments have been executed in vast areas (20m x 40m) in order to find out the potential error coming from vibrations or other effects when moving the HoloLens. The results show that the technology can be used for spaces, which are previously known by the system - pre-scan of the space is needed. The big advantage of the system is its readiness for indoor positioning applications with no additional infrastructure needed, simultaneous localization and mapping, complex space mapping and reached precision. The disadvantage is mainly the costs.
infrastructure-less, position tracking, Microsoft HoloLens