Metodika pro experimentální dvojrozměrnou analýzu samobuzených kmitů

Title Alternative:Methodology for the two-dimensional experimental analysis of self-excited oscillations
This doctoral thesis is focused on the development of the measurement methodology for the detection of self-excited oscillations. Self-excited oscillations may be generated by the flow around bodies and by the flow during the cavity filling. In the framework of this work new measurement devices were developed. The methodology was verified on test cases repre-sented by the flow around various bodies and by the process of cavity filling with liquid. The hydrodynamic table was applied to identify the self-excited transient oscillations. Aluminum particles on the water surface were used for the flow visualization. The water surface and pulsation frequencies were measured by developed sensors. Experimental measurements were compared with numerical simulations. The obtained results were used in the develop-ment and verification of the experiment methodology.
115 s.