Innovative IoT Sensing and Communication Unit in Agriculture

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International Information and Engineering Technology Association (IIETA)
This paper aims to propose an innovative reconfigurable sensing unit, suited to be used in harsh agriculture environment. The heart of the unit is a PCB with Linux based processor which is established such a way that the unit communicates via a backend, SQL based database with a user-friendly web interface. It can aggregate several data sources: tensometers, accelerometer, temperature sensor, CAN, digital and analog inputs. It communicates via GSM and It implements GPS information to provide precise real-time position. The unit is designed to be powered with different power sources. Collection the units which are used, can be easily reached using standard private network. The backend enables the users to configure desired actions. One can choose certain data to be sensed. It is possible to configure also the data acquisition rate and time interval between two packages sent to backend. Data are available through the web interface and can be downloaded to universal format of CSV for further processing. It has been shown that the whole system is capable to monitor user defined data limits and if such a limit is reached a notification (e.g. SMS) can be sent to a predefined destination.
Internet of thing, smart agriculture, tensometer, precision agriculture, GSM, big data