Experiments and Numerical Simulations of the Annealing Temperature Influence on the Residual Stresses Level in S700MC Steel Welded Elements

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The article presents the results of research on the influence of temperature and time changes of the annealing process on the values and distribution of stresses in the simulated heat-affected zone of S700MC steel welded joints. For this purpose, tests were carried out on a thermal cycle simulator, as well as heating the prepared samples in accordance with the recorded welding thermal cycles, and then annealing at temperatures from 200 to 550 °C. The stresses values in the tested samples before and after the annealing process were measured by using X-ray diffraction (XRD). The performed tests were verified with the results of numerical analyses using the finite element method (FEM) performed in the VisualWeld (SYSWELD) environment as, on the one hand, the verification of the obtained results, and, on the other hand, the source of data for the development of a methodology for conducting analyses of heat treatment processes of S700MC steel welded structures. Also presented are three examples of numerical analyses for Gas Metal Arc (GMAW), laser and hybrid welding and then the annealing process of the obtained joints at selected temperatures. The main purpose of the work was to broaden the knowledge on the influence of annealing parameters on the values and distribution of stresses in welded joints, but also to signal the possibility of using modern software in engineering practice.
S700MC, welding thermal cycle, annealing, FEM, numerical analyses, stresses distribution