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  • Tkáč, Michal (1992)
    We consider two classes of simple 3-polytopal graphs whose edges are incident with either two 5-gons or a 5-gon and q-gon (q = 26 or 27). We show that the shortness coefficient is less than 1 for both of these classes. © 1992.
  • Hes, Luboš (1992)
    The thermal properties of raised blankets made from polyacrylonitrile fibres or wool and polyacylonitrile mixtures are found to be generally better than those of 100% wool blankets produced by tufting. The main advantage ...
  • Bat'ko, Ivan; Somora, Miloš; Vanický, Dušan; Flachbart, Karol; Matěj, V.; Pavlík, Vladimír (1992)
    Resistance measurements of thick platinum films between 4.2 and 300 K are reported. The thick films were prepared by standard screen-printing techniques. The properties of the films make them suitable for low temperature ...

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