Impact of group interactions on farmers’ entrepreneurial behaviour

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dc.description.abstract Group interactions form an important component among the many factors influencing the entrepreneurial behaviour of farmers. Understanding group interactions provides insights to foster entrepreneurial activities. Matale district, which is among the top 4 districts producing high amount of vegetables in the Sri Lanka was selected for the study. Two successful farmer organizations, one of them farming in both seasons (throughout the year), and the other farming only a single season per year, were selected for the study. Overall objective of the study was to examine the impact of group interactions on entrepreneurial behaviour of vegetable farmers. Stratified random sampling was used to select an overall sample of 60 vegetable farmers, having two samples consisting of 30 each from the two farmer organizations. Descriptive and inferential analyses were conducted using the SPSS software package. Results indicated a significant relationship between the group interactions and entrepreneurial behaviour of farmers. Study revealed effective entrepreneurial behaviour involving high planning ability, and decision making ability. Majority of the farmers were at a moderate level of innovativeness, risk orientation, coordinating ability, opportunity seeking behaviour, self-confidence, achievement motivation, and cosmopolitanism. Group interactions were moderate at seasonal planning, and in selecting of crops. Group interactions were low in land preparation, pest and disease controlling, harvesting, irrigation water distribution, participating in training programmes, and selling. Entrepreneurial behaviour of farmers has enhanced with group interactions. The two farmer groups had significant differences in group interactions and entrepreneurial behaviour due to group characteristics. It is recommended to improve group interactions through awareness programmes, and small group formation activities. en
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dc.title Impact of group interactions on farmers’ entrepreneurial behaviour en
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