Guidelines for Writing Bachelor or Master Thesis

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Show simple item record Plíva, Zdeněk Drábková, Jindra Koprnický, Jan Petržílka, Leoš 2014-11-20 2014-11-20 2014-10
dc.identifier.isbn 978-80-7494-104-7
dc.description.abstract This textbook comprises a summary of requirements specified by standards, regulations and notices in effect that apply to writing final reports at the Technical University of Liberec. Its principal purpose is to provide guidance for the students at the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics, and Interdisciplinary Studies to writing a bachelor or master thesis, nonetheless its second edition of the Czech version has introduced such a level of generalization that, except the faculty logo, it may be utilized for other parts of the university, too. Besides the formal requirements for each chapter in a final paper, the textbook further overviews basic typographic rules, principles of handling pasted objects as well as a brief description of PDF file operations. This text was originally prepared in Czech language according to Czech language and standards. In this translation we tried to adapt basic rules of English written language.
dc.description.abstract toto je stará verze skript, NOVÁ AKTUALIZOVANÁ VERZE je dostupná na:
dc.format text
dc.format.extent 60 s.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Technická Univerzita v Liberci cs
dc.publisher Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic en
dc.relation.isbasedon JÍRA, Petr. Jak se nezbláznit při psaní závěrečné práce. Liberec, 2013. 53 s. Bakalářská práce. Fakulta mechatroniky, informatiky a mezioborových studií. Technická univerzita v Liberci. Vedoucí diplomové práce Josef Neznámý. cs
dc.relation.isbasedon KOVÁŘ, Josef. Kterak kovat. Časopis Ocelář, srpen 2001, ročník 5, číslo 8, s. 34–36. ISSN 1234-5678. cs
dc.subject bachelor thesis cs
dc.subject master thesis cs
dc.subject formal requirements for text reports cs
dc.subject typography cs
dc.subject PDF file operations cs
dc.subject bakalářská práce cs
dc.subject diplomová práce cs
dc.subject formální požadavky na textové zprávy cs
dc.subject typografie cs
dc.subject práce se soubory PDF cs
dc.title Guidelines for Writing Bachelor or Master Thesis cs
dc.type Learning Object
dc.publisher.abbreviation Technical University of Liberec cs
dc.identifier.doi 10.15240/tul/002/2014-11-001
local.faculty Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies
local.fulltext yes
local.identifier.publikace 294

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