Dynamics of polarization reversal in purified Rb2ZnCl4

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dc.contributor.author Hauke, Tilo
dc.contributor.author Müller, Volkmar
dc.contributor.author Beige, Horst
dc.contributor.author Fousek, Jan
dc.date.accessioned 2016-07-08
dc.date.available 2016-07-08
dc.date.issued 1997
dc.identifier.issn 0015-0193
dc.identifier.uri https://dspace.tul.cz/handle/15240/16616
dc.description.abstract The dynamics of polarization reversal in sinusoidal fields (0. 1Hz≤f≤50kHz) was studied in the ferroelectric lock-in phase of purified Rb2ZnCl4 crystals. The frequency dependence of remanent polarization and coercive field Ec is qualitatively the same above and below T*≈160K, where for all measuring frequencies Ec starts to increase rapidly with decreasing temperature. A model which treats sideways shifts of planar, nearly regularly arranged domain walls as the only mechanism of polarization reversal in Rb2ZnCl4 is applicable for the quantitative description of ferroelectric hysteresis loops in the whole temperature interval under investigation. The anomalous increase of Ec at T* seems to be connected to a corresponding increase of the viscosity coefficient. en
dc.format text
dc.language.iso en
dc.relation.ispartof Ferroelectrics
dc.relation.ispartof Ferroelectrics en
dc.source j-scopus
dc.title Dynamics of polarization reversal in purified Rb2ZnCl4 en
dc.type article
local.relation.volume 191
local.relation.issue 1-4
local.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-0030643136
local.faculty Faculty of Sciences, Humanities and Education
local.citation.spage 225
local.citation.epage 230
local.identifier.coden FEROA
local.department Department of Physics
local.access access
local.fulltext yes
local.note nefunguje RIV

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